Sheen Falls Lodge

Sheen Falls Lodge is a 5 star hotel located in Kenmare. After a recent takeover by new owners we have been involved in a number of promotional projects and small jobs for the hotel from flyers to a range of photographs used for promotional use.

“We regularly go to Dennison Design for design and photographic work. They recently designed a range of printed material for us including menus, brochures and promotional material, along with photographing several events held at the hotel. I would highly recommend Dennison Design for their articulation, professionalism, creativeness and sheer devotion to the client. Not only can they execute a design that you envisage, but they do it with great prowess and take into account your time scale and reflect your business’ personality. They always work seamlessly with us, and with our clients and it is always a pleasure to see them come through our doors.” …Aileen Marie Hanley, Former Sales and Operations Manager & Wedding Planner

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