Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is hugely important when it comes to your business, your brand can build awareness, trust and communication with your clients and can strengthen your credibility. When branding your business you need to think about more than just a logo. The colours, typography, fonts, photography and images all contribute to brand consistency but your values, personality and interaction with customers are integral to creating a strong brand.

It is important that your customers recognise your brand in whatever environment they see it whether it’s shop signs, flyers, adverts or website. Using a logo, colours, fonts and photography gives your business a visual reference. The aim is that when a customer sees your brand they remember straight away who are and what you’re about. The more consistent you are the easier it becomes.

Inconsistency with your brand can lead to a break in trust. Using an old logo or outdated images makes it hard for customers to connect with your brand. If you are a high end fashion store and use grainy images and gaudy colours on your promotional material it doesn’t give your customers the confidence to visit your shop. Consistently using your logo, typography, imagery and slogans builds the trust with your clients and they be more than willing to use your services.

Communication is key when building a business and it works both ways. You can create a story and specific look and feel for your business which can be translated and used across all your promotional material so your customers know that your services and values are in line with what they expect when dealing with you. It also means that your customers can confidently recommend you to others and know that you will provide others with the same experience.

We deal with the visual aspect of branding. By working closely with our clients from the very beginning we sit down and discuss their business’ values and ideals so we can then reflect this in all the promotional material. Since we are able to provide such a large range of services we can create all the media needed by our clients so they know that everything will have the same look and feel to reinforce their brand.

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