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Project Description

Tom Crean – Antarctic Kerryman Supply Co.

Tom Crean’s granddaughter Aileen has been providing high quality food and drink to the people of Kerry since 1992. Her restaurant Tom Crean Fish & Wine and Accommodation is full of memorabilia of Tom Crean. Aileen has broadened the restaurants appeal by producing a fine Irish Red Ale. The name Expedition Ale not only relates to Tom’s time in the Antarctic but as 2016 is the centenary year for his epic crossing of South Georgia with Shackleton and Worsley.

The ale is sold on Norwegian Air flights, one of their planes features an iconic image of Tom Crean on it’s tail. We are proud to be have designed the logo and branding which has been used across a number of branded merchandise as well as the bottle and can labels for the ale.

Work Created:

  • Logo & Branding
  • Bottle Label
  • Can Label
  • Beverage Tray
craft beer bottle label
craft beer can label
craft beer can label
craft beer can label
craft beer can label