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Project Description

The Kenmare Chronicle

The Kenmare Chronicle, which is compiled by Simon Linnell, is exactly what the name suggests, a chronicle of Kenmare. Published every year this book tackles a different aspect of the vast history of the town from local schools and emigration to specific streets and historically important dates.

The Editions

2013: 1st edition of miscellaneous history and stories

2014: Miscellaneous history and stories.
Weekend in Kenmare was also published this year.

2015: Recollections of Kenmare 1915 – 1925 and Fair Day

2016: Uniting Both Side of the Atlantic

2017: School Days

2018: Henry Street.
WWI Commemorative Special

2019: Main Street and the Square

2020: The Side Streets of Kenmare
The Kenmare Almanac

2021: World War II

2022: The Troubles Remembered

2023: Comings and Goings

2024: A Trip Into Town – The Crossroads to Shelburne Street