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Project Description

Robyn’s Nest – Toys, Gifts & Jewellery

Robyn’s Nest is a gift shop in Malahide, Emma & Linda have been clients and friends for many years. We have worked on a number of projects from gift vouchers and business cards to adverts over the years. They had a website that they couldn’t update, they asked us if we could develop a new site that they could manage themselves. At the time they decided that since they were updating their web presence they would also give their logo a rebrand too. They had established a great business in Malahide so didn’t want to move away from this too much, we kept the original robin but used it to produce a fresh, new look for the shop. We gradually applied this branding to bags, social media and then the website

Work Created

  • Logo & Branding
  • Branded Paper Carrier Bags
  • Ecommerce Website