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Project Description

SIKA The Wild Deer

Sika The Wild Deer is the story of one wild sika stag told over his lifetime in the Wicklow mountains. His life and times, from birth to late middle age, are observed through the eyes of a deerstalker, accompanied by his dog and with a raven as witness to the happenings on the hill.

His story will grip the reader as Sika and stalker go through life together, and will help the reader better understand the balance that must prevail between man and nature.

First Published 2020
• Size: 152mm x 203mm
• Internal: 64 pages, black and white, printed on 120gsm Munken Pure
• Cover: Linen bound hardcover with gold foil title and printed dustjacket. Foiled slip case to match
• Gold ribbon

• Book Design: Dennison Design
• Project Management: Dingle Publishing