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Project Description

Timmy’s Technology Trouble

Timmy’s Technology Trouble is the first of what we hope will be a series of Timmy’s Tales. The was created by Niamh Ahern and illustrated by Valentia Boschi and tells the story of Timmy who is a really happy, fun loving little boy who loves when his friends come to his house to play. When technology is introduced to his life, things begin to change. It shows the downside to technology in our lives, especially that of young children and how to manage screen time.

We were approached by Niamh and Valentina to bring the book to life and publish it. The process was a great collaboration between us and we feel extremely proud of the reaction and praise the book has received with endorsements from a leading psychologist and a former rugby player/UNICEF ambassador. Niamh has appeared on national TV and radio to discuss the book and the message behind it.

To compliment the book and the work Niamh and Valetina are doing we created an ecommerce website that they could sell the book through and also share information about them, Timmy and the news and events associated with the book timmystales.com

What we created

  • 3,000 copies of a 32pp A4 landscape book
  • Ecommerce website